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A Familiar Realm

Fall 2022

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What if you could see a lost parent or loved one again? What would you for that chance?

17-year-old, Fallon Gallagher has been in foster care ever since his father’s death and mother’s mysterious disappearance. Fallon finds out from his mother's cat, Lex, that someone sinister has been holding his missing father captive for the past seven years. Having longed for his family back, Fallon knows he must find him, but how? Reluctantly, he follows Lex into the unknown and is whisked away to another realm. Despite being filled with magic and danger, the realm feels all too familiar. Fallon is granted his own magic along the way and must hone his new powers if he has any hope of saving his father. What must Fallon sacrifice in order to see his father again?

A Familiar Realm: New Connections dives into a world filled with elemental magic, mythical creatures, and perilous danger. Follow Fallon Gallagher along his coming-of-age journey to rescue his father. 

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